Web stying 1The Taste Franklin Festival concept was concocted over a beer between mates as many good ideas are.  Us locals know that we live in an area that grows, produces, cooks, carves up, bakes and ferments some of the very best stuff that we consume here in Godzone yet do you always buy locally?  What about people moving into the area – do they know what’s available?  Do you know about cheesemakers, butchers, growers, breadmakers, fishermen, winemakers and brewers plus so many other culinary magicians that are found around the corner, a few streets down, or a short drive away (we are semi-rural after all)....

As all good veges do, the idea grew.  

How about we showcase the homegrown well known guys, the little guys and the emerging guys? How about we get restaurants to take these awesome ingredients and make them sing?  How about we inspire you to try something new at home (not fancy just fresh and yummy)?  How about we get awesome beverages to wash the great food down?  Let’s get you talking to the experts in our area so you can ask questions, see what’s on your doorstep and hopefully support the local economy.

The idea grew some more – think Jack and the Beanstalk proportions….Web stying 2

Lets add live music, kids entertainment, some good looking chefs from TV, include international flavours, set up stalls so you can buy great stuff then and there….. throw in a bar and some port a loos and we have a party!

So come, hang out with your friends, family and neighbours, eat food (nom nom nom), drink (responsibly), enjoy some tunes and basically have a great day celebrating our community and all the yumminess we produce.